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Sunnyview's Full Speed Ahead MH

This site is about my Labrador Retrievers, Porter, and CJ before him.  CJ was our "family dog" and he left some huge shoes (figuratively) to fill.  With Porter, we've gotten into training for field work and running AKC Retriever Hunting tests.

I was pretty good about updating his progress from when we started, up until Porter got his Master Retriever title.  Then I spent all my time training and none updating his website. 
Now I am planning on qualifying him to run in the 2014 Master National, and hope to track our progress towards that goal.

Labrador Retriever training to run AKC Master Hunter test

Porter earned his
AKC Master Hunter Title on
April 10-11, 2010

Sunnyview's Full Speed Ahead MH (Porter)

...Here he is after getting his Senior title in May 2008...
Sunnyview's Full Speed Ahead SH (Porter)
Sunnyview's Full Speed Ahead SH (Porter)

...Here's Porter after getting his Junior Hunter title...
Sunnyview's Full Speed Ahead JH (Porter)
Sunnyview's Full Speed Ahead JH (Porter)


Labrador retriever puppy from Sunnyview, CJ
Gone, but never forgotten

Sunnyview's Damn the Torpedoes (CJ)
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CJ relaxing under the desk


2014 Hunt Test Schedule
for Oregon and Washington

Details on AKC Master Hunter Tests
that Porter has run in.

This isn't Labrador related,
but it's entertaining none the less.
The 2008 Portland Pug Crawl
and now
Bear the Pug has his own website

(click here to see Bear's website)


Porter at ten and a half weeks old
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Friends, Products, Interesting Stuff (to me anyway)

Labrador Retriever puppy from Sunnyview Labradors at fourteen weeks


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