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Roll Call:  Riley, Jack, Plushy, Mickey, Waldo, Cappy, Bella, Derby, Carver, Gussie, Armstrong, Katie, Sunny, Bo, Huntly, Beckett, Titan, Murphy...

Friends of the Portland Labrador
Since I started this site, I have heard from other Sunnyview Lab owners (and other Labs as well). 
This page is the pictures that they have sent to me.
If you have sent me pics, scroll down to find yours!
I put the newest ones at the top, but they're all here

(new pics were also added to Plushy's page on September 26th)

This is Sunnyview's Mighty Murphy.  I think the picture in the middle doesn't really need a caption.  The picture alone tells the story.
I received an e-mail with these pictures of Murphy, along with a note saying that he had recently passed away after eleven good years. 
I know how hard it is to say goodbye to a friend.   Even though my yellow dog, CJ, has been gone almost six years now, it still chokes me up sometimes thinking about him.  It still amazes me how much these dogs work their ways into our hearts and our lives. 
This is Angel, as a puppy (left), at 6 and 1/2 months (center) and hanging with her big "sister", Bella Mia. 
While it would be hard to recognize Bella from her previous pictures, if you scroll down and you can see her as a puppy too.
Here's a Sunny update.
(On the left, and more of Sunny below)
This was Sunny's first Master pass (she now has another) along with a JAM in a Field Trial Qual.  I think it took about a week to get that smile off Terry's face. :)

There's a very good chance, after she earns her Master title or qualifies All Age, that a Sunny pup will become a new Portland Labrador puppy to join Porter.

On the right is Titan.  I met Titan's owner, Chuck, at the 2011 Master National, where Titan and Porter were both running. 
You can also see more of Titan in the Willow Creek Press 2011 "Labs Rule" calendar.
Here are a couple of pictures of Beckett, who will be three years old in August 2009.  These were taken on Memorial Day weekend 2009, when he earned his Master Hunter title.  Pretty impressive!

This is Sunnyview's Huntly Stirling Salute,
but you can call him Huntly. 

And if you think I've misspelled his name, I'm told that you need to visit Scotland (which I'm all in favor of...cheers.)

This is Bo, who as you can see, is at home in both the the field and the 'burbs.  At just over a year old, he's just starting training and we keep trying to get his owner out to train with us and get ready for Junior

How quickly they grow up!  This is Sunny, who just a few short months ago (and two pictures down the page) was zonked out under the coffee table.  Now she is tuning up for some Hunt Test and Derby runs this coming Spring!

Sunny Update!
Sunny ran her first two Junior Hunt Tests in Rogue Valley last month and passed both a week before her first birthday!  She's halfway to her Junior Hunter title.

Congratulations Sunny!


These are a couple recent pictures of Waldo (see more below). 
She just celebrated her second birthday, has become a certified therapy dog (very cool)
and has passed her first two agility tests (which she loves doing)
Go Waldo!

The pictures to the left and below are of Sunny Dee Light,
a pup from

If you think she's a bit of a layabout, think again after watching her YouTube video of a water retrieve...

Labrador Retriever Puppy's water retrieve
at St. Louis Ponds in Gervais, Oregon



This is Katie, from Bend, Oregon.  She's out of Sunnyview's Caramel Carmalota by Sunnyview's J.R. Cooper. 
Like all labs, she's at home in the field as well as her favorite lounge chair!

Here's a pic of Katie launching into the water...

...I liked this picture so much I had to zoom in on the launch.
Sunnyview's Deep Blue Waters (Waldo)
This is Sunnyview's Deep Blue Waters (Waldo) on her first birthday.  There're more pics of Waldo further down the page.

This is Sunnyview's All Gussied Up (Gussie), another King pup.  Gussie has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, but that doesn't mean there isn't someone that is still thinking about her and missing her.

This is Sunnyview's Armstrong, another Ironwood Cork pup.  Below are pictures of Armstrong's water entry.  The picture on the left is the full view, with a blow-up on the right.  I like the reflection in the water!
This is Sunnyview's Bella Mia.  She's out of Sunnyview's Smooth Jazz by Sunnyview's Ironwood Buck MH.
black lab puppy at seven weeks old Sunnyview's Bella Mia
labrador retriever puppy with German Shepherd
Like I haven't seen this a bunch of times. The older dog chews on the puppy's toy, while the puppy wants the big dog toy. :)
This is Sunnyview's Carver Country Squire (Carver)
He's by Sunnyview's Joker's Wild out of Sunnyview's Tupelo Honey
Sunnyview's Carver Country Squire, male black lab
I've often featured puppy pics here on the friends page (after all, they are quite irresistible).
Here are some pics of a Sunnyview dog doing what he was born to do.
This is Sunnyview's Captain Cork (Cappy). 
As the name implies, he's also a Cork pup (out of Sunnyview's Royalcourt Jester)

many dawgs are enthusiastic on the way out, but how about on the return?
In the above pic, he was 2 years old.
In the pic at the right, taken a month ago, he's still in his prime at 8 years old.

Most importantly, whether a Lab is a hunting dog, a show dog, or a lap dog, above all else...
...a lab is a friend and companion

Here's the latest addition to Porter's friends page.  This is Hightest Derby Queen (Derby). 
She's out of Sunnyview's Zee's Dream by Hightest Sporting Tradition

Click on the picture for a video of Derby on some of her first "water work".  This is the advantage to living in Northern California.  This should make all the trainers up North jealous.  Their water is still too "hard" to swim in.
(this is a big file, 3mb, not recommended for dial-up users)

This is Sunnyview's Deep Blue Waters (Waldo), from Coos Bay, Oregon.
She's out of Sunnyview's Ironwood Cork and Sunnyview's Stillwater Meg.
She's eight weeks here, but by the looks of her from feet in that picture on the left, she won't stay this size for long...
labrador retriever puppy, yellow

Here's another of Waldo, as she starts to grow into those front feet of hers...

Sunnyview's Deep Blue Waters CGC
Waldo, at the age of only 7 and a half months, passed her
AKC Canine Good Citizen test on May 12

What is it with Labs and couches?  Is Porter the only lab that's NOT allowed on the couch?  I'm beginning to think so. :)

This is Waldo at six months.  She quickly figured out that if she keeps her front paws underwater when she swims, she'll go faster and be able to see where she's going!

Here's Waldo trying to decide whether to fly over the water, or just try to walk on it
Whether she's sitting pretty...                                               or enthusiastically waiting for the next throw...    
how could you not want this in your life?

This is Rylie, out of Sunnyview's Jokers Wild and Sunnyview's Tarnation Kate.  She lives in Klamath Falls.
The thing that amazes me about the photo on the right isn't that the cat is safe, but that the crackers are.


Here's a picture of Sunnyview's Tenacious D (Jack), vacationing in Alaska.
(can you identify where his name is from?)
He's out of Sunnyview's Ironwood Cork (Porter's sire too, for those of you keeping score)
and Sunnyview's Proud Mary II.

Here's another one of Jack, and his buddy Jazz, making sure that no one is going anywhere without them!

This is Mickey, from Sunnyview's King of Spades and Sunnyview's Marvelous Molly.
This picture was taken in 2001 when Mickey was 9 years old.
yellow lab puppy, Plushy Labrador Retriever puppy
And here is "Sunnyview's Lady Champagne Plushbutton of Harvest Ridge", or you can just call her Plushy.
She is out of Sunnyview's Louis II and Sunnyview's China Rose II.
And because I have a soft spot in my heart for Yellow's (and puppies), here are some more...
I've gotten so many pictures of Plushy as she's grown up, that I've move some to another page.
To track her growth, CLICK HERE

Here's Plushy, right after coming home...

...and here she is at 13 weeks, a short seven weeks later!

And you knew it was going to happen eventually.  A wise lab only has to share the couch for a limited amount of time...:)

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