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Friends of the Portland Labrador
Plushy was sending so many great pictures (well, the dog didn't actually send them), anyway...
I ended up adding a page, just because I couldn't bring myself to delete any of these shots.
(New ones added September 26.  They're at the bottom of the page...)


And here is "Sunnyview's Lady Champagne Plushbutton of Harvest Ridge", or you can just call her Plushy.
She is out of Sunnyview's Louis II and Sunnyview's China Rose II.
And because I have a soft spot in my heart for Yellow's (and puppies), here are some more...
yellow labrador puppy labrador retriever puppy sleeping
I love how you can see her little blond eyelashes.
puppy sleeping in her crate
labrador retriever puppy, Plushy, at bathtime yellow lab puppy sleeping



You can bet she won't be bathing in the sink for long...

This is what I refer to as "mutual satisfaction".  Both feel like they're getting the better end of the deal.

I've got to think that she's missing her littermates, and thinks she's found a couple of likely replacements
puppy picture, playing in the grass
And who doesn't remember needle-sharp puppy teeth?
yellow lab puppy picture
But the look on her face will make you forget all the bad stuff (which isn't that much and isn't that bad)
retriever puppy sleeping
...and to anyone with a puppy,
the sight of them sleeping is a welcome sight!
(and makes you wonder how you ever got along without her)

But really, you think you're going to resist this face?

And yes, the boots she was snuggling before, are now in the chewed up box.  It's good to be queen...  :)

And yes, even the visit to the Vet is documented...
(as it is an important part of every puppy's starting on the right foot)

Happiness is a warm shoe...

...Or better than a warm shoe, a chance to stretch out on the couch!!!

Yes, it's winter here in Oregon and that means rain, which means mud can't be far behind...

And after the cleanup, it's back to the couch.

Check out those front legs.   I think she has lots of growing left to do.

They told Plushy she was going to see the "Man in Red", and she ended up back at the Vet for her
four-month checkup...

...but at least now she's ready for the that other
"Man in Red"...


The short days during the Oregon winters are a good time to take a snooze on the couch...

or under the table with a friend.
Yeah, life's rough.  Resting in "her" chair, or stretching out on the bed with a favorite toy!  It's good to be a lab, and well loved...

The holidays are over, and now it's mid-February.  The next few pictures really show "typical" Oregon weather.  Snow one week, sunny the next.
yellow labrador retriever in the snow

Remember this picture from further up the page???

Well, here she is at six-months old! 
One last bath in the sink, just for old times' sake...

Taking over the living room chair and laying in the bed are good,
but a tennis ball and some green grass are hard to beat.

I'm not quite sure of the look here.  Either she's had to put it down and she's waiting for permission to pick it up; or this may be her "please pick this thing up and throw it onto the grass for me to retrieve" look. 
I'll let you decide.
And after great delays on my part (I hate it when work interferes with my personal life), here are more recent pic of Plushy...

"Wet?  Of course I'm wet!  I live in Oregon!"

And yes, contrary to popular belief,
sometimes it is possible to soak up the Sun in Oregon!!!
...and whether you're playing with your favorite chew toy, or just resting you chin on the cool green grass...
Sunnyview's Lady Champagne Plushbutton of Harvest Ridge
...life is good.  :)

Nothing beats a green lawn and a mouth full of toys.  :)

One of my favorite sights is see the look of intensity on the face of a Labrador Retriever, waiting for chance to make the retrieve...

Another great thing about Labs is that they are at home in the water...

...and just as comfortable at home on the couch.

And what Lab isn't happy with a friend to play with, whether it's a boy in a pool...

...or you're just laying around the dining room with an old friend.

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