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Portland Labrador

Lassen Club Hunt Test
Corning, California
April, 2010

Hunt Test Pictures

These pictures were taken at the Lassen Retriever Club's Master Hunter tests,
held on April 10-11, 2010 in Corning, California. 
These are the same grounds that will hold the 2010 Master National Hunt Test on October 10th (10/10/10)
If you're planning on running in the 2010 Master National,
For more pictures of the grounds that I took during the hunt test this weekend.  While the cover will look a lot different in October than it does now, this should give you an idea of what it will be like.  This is just a small fraction of the grounds.  The judges will have a LOT of options.

Here are pictures of the first series at Master B; this is looking at the line.

Master A's first series was a triple.  The first bird was a throw on the left, thrown right to left, with a pop from a Bubba gunner to the left of the line...

Then the right side was the second bird down, same thing, a pop from the Bubba gunner on the right of the line as the bird was thrown (inverted)...

And this was followed by a shot flyer up the middle...

and was followed by a blind, back along the line of the right hand bird, by a pothole of water that required the dog to cut the corner of the water and get wet on the way to the blind (here's a dog picking up the blind)...

I didn't get any pictures of the setups for the second or third series for Master B


Meanwhile, over at Master A, here's a picture of the entire first series...

This is the first bird down on the walk-up, the flyer up the middle going left to right...

The flyer was followed by a pop and throw on the right side, going right to left...

And the go bird was on the down the right side (followed by a blind under the arc after all the marks were completed...


The second series set up for Master A was facing a small pond, with the gun stations directly in front of the line at 11:00 and 1:00, with both marks going left to right; however, prior to running the marks there was a double blind to pick up, one on each side, outside the marks.

This is a handler running the right side blind, but you can see the left blind.  It was down the small channel, to the dark foilage just up the shore (between the handler and the judge).  The holding blind on the right was the blind planter and the gunner for the go bird (going left to right)...

The second blind was angled to the right.  It required an angle entry to the near shore, across a piece of land, back into the water and onto another point (hard to see the separation in this pic), back into the water and onto the far bank.
The third series setup as a Mom/Pop with a wipeout bird up front. 
By the time we got to the third series, it was steady rain and increasing wind.

The first bird was from the far right blind, pop and throw going left to right.  This was followed by a shot flyer from the far left blind, going right to left.  Then the short blind on the right side threw a wipeout bird to the island in front of the line.

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