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Portland Labrador

Sunnyview's Full Speed Ahead MH


Porter was whelped on December 14, 2005 at Sunnyview Labradors in Salem, Oregon. 
His sire is Sunnyview's Ironwood Cork and dam is Sunnyview's Misty Morn. 
His pedigree includes Waldorf's High Tech (sire to Ebonstar Lean Mac), San Joaquin Honcho,
Sunnyview's King of Spades, and Sunnyview's Royal Coachman (sire to my first Lab, CJ).
He was a bit smaller than I expected, because he came home a week earlier that normal
due to flooding at the kennel (this is Oregon, after all), but he certainly hasn't stayed small for very long. 
You can follow along with his growth on the pictures linked in below.

Porter's Sire:
Sunnyview's Ironwood Cork MH
(click name to view pedigree)

Porter's Pedigree
Sunnyview's Full Speed Ahead
(click name to view pedigree)

Porter's Dam:
Sunnyview's Misty Morn
(click name to view pedigree)

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See Training Page for latest Pictures

labrador retriever puppy at seven weeks picturepicture of Porter at six weeks

This is Porter at six and a half weeks.  He came home earlier than the normal 49 days because the extended rain was causing flooding at Sunnyview (being right on the Pudding River is great, until it floods).  He was also a little smaller than usual, because the pups didn't want to come out of the kennel to eat. 
When I brought him home, it was sunny for the first time in about five or six weeks.  In all likelihood, it was the first time pup had seen the sun!  Ah, to be a Labrador in Portland.
More Pics of Porter at Six Weeks
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labrador retriever puppy picture of Porter at eight weeks

Porter at eight weeks

Here he is at eight weeks.  It's amazing the change in just two short weeks. 
He is growing, but it seems like his feet and ears are growing faster than the rest of him.
Porter Pics at Eight Weeks

Picture of Porter at nine weeks giving his editorial opinion

Picture of nine week old puppy (Porter) resting.

At nine weeks, Porter began responding to his name, when called. 
The training begins!  Well, it's more a matter of "let the games begin".
He starts to learn sit, stay, and come.
Porter Pics at Nine Weeks

It's almost as if he looks like he's grown more between the time I leave for work in the morning and when I get home for lunch!
It's really obvious how much he's grown when comparing pictures of six to seven weeks with nine to ten weeks.
(click the link to see)

Compare Pics at 6/7 weeks to 9/10 Weeks
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Twelve week old puppies first steps in the snow can be tenative

The first of (hopefully) many romps in the snow for Porter

At twelve weeks, we had snow in March (which is unusual for Portland).
I was on a business trip and missed it, but my wife took pictures for me. 
Once his curiosity was satisfied, the games were on!  Labs sure love to play in the snow.

Porter Pics at Twelve Weeks
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Sunnyview's Full Speed Ahead (Porter) at fourteen weeks

Porter at fourteen weeks on a stay

Porter is fourteen weeks old in these pictures. 
It amazes me how smart he is.  Sometimes I think I can actually see him learning.
I know that he's smart enough to learn anything that I'm smart (and patient) enough to teach him.
All training issues aside, for stress relief after a long day at work there are few things better than
a puppy flying across the room at the sound of your voice to greet you with enthusiasm that can't be bought, but can only be earned.

Porter Pics at Fourteen Weeks
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Here's a recap of all the individual weeks of picture pages

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