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Portland Labrador

Sunnyview's Full Speed Ahead

PORTER at Five and Six Months

Here are pics of Porter at five months on the left and six month (almost) on the right. 

Now that the weather is nice, I sit on the back deck and read the morning paper.  Porter likes to sit next to me and watch the world go by.

The Lucky Lab is a brew pub on Hawthorne in Portland.  It's "dog friendly" and has a back patio that's protected from the weather (a necessity in Portland).  In the fall they celebrate Dogtoberfest with live music, beer, and a free dog wash.  Last year they washed over 500 dogs.

You can enjoy a cold microbrew, hang out with your friends, and your dogs can hang with their friends.  It doesn't get much better than that.

In these pics, Porter is just a few days shy of six months.  The puppy is fading out and the dog is starting to emerge.  He's lost three of his four canine puppy teeth (thankfully!).  I will be glad when the last one is gone!

One minutes he's sitting alertly, waiting for the next command; the next minute, he's a puppy who still thinks he can sit on your lap and that a ponytail's proper place is in his mouth.

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